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7 spots, our logo

What are we all about?
The group was founded in May 2010 by Heather Connor, for anyone with a Colostomy, Illeostomy or Urostomy, to provide a safe environment for people to discuss issues, concerns and solutions in relation to living with a stoma.

Heather had her Colostomy in September 2007 and decided that a support group was very much needed for ostomists like herself. Our aim as a group is to provide a safe environment where people with a stoma, their partners & carers are welcome to pop in and meet others who are in the same situation.

We are a mutual support group for patients, partners & carers in Peterborough.


Stoma Support Group

Offer help and support
Stoma understanding
Through trials and tribulations
Ordinary people
Meetings to talk and support
Ileostomy, colostomy and urostomy
Supporting one another
Talk to people "in the know"
Information from suppliers and manufacturers of new products
Confidential and fun
Stanground Community Centre

Who are we?

Join us?

We meet as a support group on the first and third Tuesday of each month, 2-4pm. at the Stanground Community Centre, Whittlesey Road [B1092], Peterborough, PE2 8QS, Cambs. UK.Google maps. Select the small map to see a bigger one!

We like to keep abreast of new products which are available to us. We achieve this by having various suppliers visit the group on a regular basis. The Group is informal and refreshments are provided. We look forward to meeting you.


For further information please contact Cheryl on 01733 238444 or Maria 01778 702237 or Allan 01354 653290/ 07836 661102

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